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Our flagship product, Trackmate, has been developed and comprehensively tested over the last five years in laboratory settings under the most rigorous and compromising conditions. In particular, we would like to thank the University of Newcastle (van Heldon Lab, Trevor Day Lab, Hodgson Lab), The University of Sydney (McGregor Lab, Brain Mind Research Institute) and Macquarie University (Cornish Lab) for their support and help in improving the original product. Version 2.1 is capable of tracking rodents under infrared light, through red-tinted plastic ‘hide boxes’ and tunnels, as well as provide fine-grained tracking data of head direction, time and number of counts spent in up to twelve user-designated Regions of Interest (ROIs).

There are two versions of Trackmate: Lite and Full. Refer to the table below for differences in functionality.


Smile Trackmate is available in both PC and Mac versions.


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Here you will find a configuration file and an example movie upon which the help manual is based. Download these and study them in conjunction with the manual carefully before attempting to use Trackmate for real experiments.


Example configuration file:
Demonstration movie:


Regardless of which platform you run Trackmate on, you will need some form of video input for your computer. We recommend connecting your camera via a video converter such as KWorld’s DVD Maker USB 2.0 (VS-USB2800D). The link to the website where you can purchase it is here. You can also use a webcam (PC and Mac), and firewire cameras (Mac).

We also recommend using B&W infrared cameras such as WHV-ML538 by KING-BUILDING (China). The link to the website where you can purchase this camera is here. It is important that you use a regulated switchmode power supply for these cameras (such as electusdistribution MP3011), to ensure flicker free images. Note that neon lights also run at a certain Hz rate which interferes with video quality and compromises tracking so be careful not to have such lighting on during tracking.

Finally, you will need a Four Channel Colour Video Processor (QUAD). You can pick these up at various websites. For example electusdistribution. This device will allow you to input four cameras into a single input line into Trackmate via the USB converter.